Warranty Terms

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We care about your satisfaction and want to ensure a safe and reliable shopping experience. For this, we provide a guarantee for the electronic products purchased in our online store, in compliance with the laws in force in Portugal.

1. Warranty Term

In accordance with Decree-Law 84/2021, of October 18, 2021, all new electronic equipment purchased from ElectronicaSL has a 3-year compliance guarantee. It is important to point out that, in the third year, it is the customer's responsibility to prove that the defect or problem already existed before the deadline expired.

2. Warranty Coverage

Our warranty exclusively covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions of electronic equipment purchased from ElectronicaSL. However, we are not responsible for damage caused by misuse, negligence, accidents, unauthorized modifications, natural disasters or other circumstances beyond our control.

3. Warranty Activation Procedure

If the product shows a defect within the warranty period, we ask that the customer contact our customer service, informing the problem in detail and presenting the purchase invoice as proof.

After analyzing the case, if it is found that the defect is covered by the warranty, we will arrange for the repair or replacement of the product, according to the manufacturer's availability. Please note that all costs related to shipping and returning the product are the responsibility of the customer.

4. Warranty Exclusions

In addition to the exclusions mentioned above, we emphasize that consumables, components and accessories have a warranty as established by the respective manufacturers. We recommend that the customer consult the specific information about the warranty of these items, present in the packages or manuals of the product.

5. Limitations of Liability

ElectronicaSL is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of electronic equipment purchased in our store. Our responsibility is restricted to the guarantee of the products, as provided for in the applicable legislation.

6. Customer's Rights and Duties

When purchasing a product from ElectronicaSL, the customer has the right to receive a product in compliance with the specifications and in perfect working order. It is important that the customer reads and follows the instructions for use and maintenance of the product, thus avoiding problems arising from misuse.

The customer must also keep the purchase invoice as proof of claiming the warranty, as well as provide accurate and complete information during the warranty claim process.

7. Conclusion

The guarantee offered by ElectronicaSL aims to ensure the quality and proper functioning of the electronic products we sell. When purchasing a product in our online store, you will be protected by the rights established in the legislation in force in Portugal.

How to proceed:

To take advantage of the guarantee, it is necessary to contact us through the Contact Area, providing the following information:

  • order number
  • Product Description
  • Product problem description
  • Attached photographs in case there is visible damage

Each case will be treated individually and you will receive the address of the manufacturer's Technical Support in your country or the place where you should send the product and accessories. It is mandatory to include a copy of the sales invoice in the package, the Technical Support form that we will provide and the description of the problem detected.

We are available to answer any additional questions and offer support during the warranty claim process. We appreciate your trust in our store and look forward to providing you with a satisfying shopping experience.

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