Starfield - A Bethesda acabou de lançar Starfield, o jogo que é muito mais do que exploração espacial.

Starfield - Bethesda has just released Starfield, the game that is much more than space exploration.

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Today is a long-awaited day for fans of science fiction games, with the launch of Starfield. The game is now available for free to subscribers of Xbox's Game Pass service and is considered one of Microsoft's biggest exclusives in recent years. Developed by Bethesda Softworks, which is part of the Zenimax family, acquired by Microsoft in 2020, this is the company's first original universe in 29 years. While The Elder Scrolls series transported us to medieval fantasy worlds and Fallout took us to post-apocalyptic scenarios, Starfield preserves many of the mechanics of its predecessors, now adapted to a science fiction context.

This RPG promises to provide players with an epic space experience, with the possibility of exploring 1,000 planets, including our solar system and other places, both real and fictional. Before the official launch, Bethesda offered a special edition, the Premium Edition, available a week earlier for around 100 euros. The result was a notable success, becoming one of the most played titles on Steam, reaching a peak of 245 thousand simultaneous players. The most recent figures before launch pointed to over 2 million players (between PC and Xbox), a number that is sure to increase significantly from today, with the game now available to everyone.


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Shortly after its release to the general public, Starfield appears to have reached the impressive milestone of one million simultaneous players, according to Phil Spencer, the director of Xbox.

In a recent tweet, Spencer revealed that Starfield has surpassed the mark of one million online players across all platforms, expressing his gratitude to all players and also congratulating Bethesda for the achievement.

Starfield was officially released on September 6th and is now available for PC and Xbox Series X|S. As is common practice with all games from Xbox studios, it is also included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

However, the most avid players who have delved into the Starfield universe wasted no time in exploring all the wonders the game has to offer, including recreating some of the most iconic ships in science fiction history. Furthermore, modders have not been left behind and have already made hundreds of mods available, with one in particular standing out that allows you to manage the game's inventory.

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