Destaques da Semana 2 - Tesla

Week 2 Highlights - Tesla

Highlights of the Week

Hello to all tech enthusiasts and ElectronicaSL Blog readers! Today, we bring you exciting news that perfectly matches our passion for technological innovation. Let's take a look at the latest Tesla Model 3 updates and how they align with what we love here at ElectronicaSL.

Tesla Model 3 Gains Visual Retouch, More Features and 675 km of Range

The motoring world is in an uproar over the latest Tesla Model 3 update. While the visual changes can be described as subtle, the new model represents a significant step forward in terms of efficiency and technology.

One of the first things that stand out about the 2024 Model 3 is its more aerodynamic design. Tesla has redesigned the vehicle's front and rear to improve its efficiency. Changes include a redesigned headlight housing, LED daytime running lights and a bonnet crease that is now sharper and extends to the fenders. The rear also features prominent "C" shaped taillights, with the name "Tesla" spelled out between the lights, replacing the logo.

These design improvements are similar to our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge electronics and technological innovations that enhance our customers' lives. We value aesthetics and performance, just as Tesla values ​​aerodynamics and efficiency.

Additionally, Tesla is introducing two new color options for the Model 3: Ultra Red and Stealth Gray. The result is a car that retains its sleek profile, but with modern and distinctive touches - something we always look to offer in our selection of electronics.

Greater Range and Advanced Interior

One of the most exciting changes is the increased range of the Model 3. The rear-wheel drive model with 18-inch wheels now has an estimated WLTP range of 554 kilometers, while the Long Range variant clocks in at an impressive 678 kilometers. This represents an increase of about 11% to 12% over previous models.

This quest to push the limits also echoes in our passion for offering electronic products with greater performance and autonomy, allowing our customers to reach new technological horizons.

Inside the 2024 Model 3, the improvements are just as notable. The interior features "involving architecture" with high-quality materials such as aluminum and fabric. Ambient lighting that covers the entire cabin creates a sophisticated atmosphere. In addition, sound insulation has been improved, providing a quieter driving experience thanks to acoustic glass and insulation materials.

This attention to detail is something we share with Tesla. At ElectronicaSL, we also strive to provide a shopping experience that goes beyond our customers' expectations.


Deliveries of the updated Model 3 will begin at the end of October in Europe and the Middle East. We look forward to receiving more information about the North American market launch and its availability soon. This Model 3 update represents a significant step on the road to more efficient and advanced electric vehicles. Tesla continues to lead the way in the electric car revolution.

Stay tuned for more updates and details on this exciting Tesla development, as well as the latest electronics innovations at ElectronicaSL.

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